The Almond Blossom Festival

Folklore and country atmosphere.
The Almond Blossom Festival is a popular festival of the city of Agrigento that happens every year at the beginning of February and lasts one week. The aim is to celebrate the advance of the spring with the blossoming of the almond trees and to rejoice the rebirth.
The festival starts with a walk through the Valley at sunset and goes on with the lighting of the “friendship torch” in front of the Temple of Concordia. The most important event of the festival is when the folk groups parade with Sicilian carts and musical bands from the town to the Valley of the Temples.
Every year there are several events such as the most beautiful flowered balcony of Via Atenea, the main street of Agrigento; moreover, exhibitions and tastings of almonds are made with the aim to advertise this typical Sicilian product. As a scenery, the almond trees show their wonderful fruits.

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