Almond pastry

The Martorana fruit is undoubtedly one of the most known and loved desserts of the Sicilian tradition, with its taste based on almonds and sugar and its unique shape, which is the result of a fine pastry-making and a huge work of cooking and packaging. The name comes from its shape, which is the perfect reproduction of fruits and vegetables, through the kneading and hand making of a fine mix of almond flour and sugar, said royal pastry or almond pastry. Today it is included in the list of traditional Italian food products and has been part of the Sicilian tradition for ages. The name comes from the Church of Santa Maria of the Admiral or Martorana in Palermo, where the nuns used to prepare it and sold it until the 20th century. According to tradition, the nuns of the Martorana monastery, in the absence of real fruits, decided to decorate the trees of their garden with fruits of almond and sugar, during the pope's visit. It is the typical dessert of the period of the Feast of the Dead.

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