Greek Theatre in the Valley

The Archaeological Park of Agrigento is well-known all over the world for the beauty of its temples. Now, after many years of research, you can also admire the Hellenistic amphitheater of the third century BC that the excavations have recently brought to light.  The square’s plant of Athens is 52 thousand meters, while in Agrigento it is 50 thousand meters, with an extent of 100 meters, so the comparison with the great Hellenistic cities is amazing. 
The Hellenistic amphitheater of the Valley of the Temples is now a big, challenging and attractive presence. It is located in the Hellenistic-roman quarter near the Temple of Concordia, it overlooks toward the Valley and the sea, with a beautiful landscape, which is unique for the vastness and beauty of its views.
Thanks to its location, the Hellenistic amphitheater is easily accessible from Villa Athena. 



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