Chef & Cuisine

Tradition meets innnovation

Salvatore Gambuzza is the chef of La Terrazza degli Dei restaurant of Villa Athena: he is an innovator with a deep passion for tradition. He confesses that his cuisine is always evolving but looking back at the past is his secret to stay competitive.   

A journey through local products

Salvatore’s dishes are creative, refined and most of all, respectful of the local products of Sicily. The recipes created for the exclusive Villa Athena restaurant overlooking the Temple of Concordia, are mainly inspired by local products, like the “perlina” aubergine, little and tasty; pistachios, extra virgin olive oil and the delicate jams made in Villa Athena Farm; all the aromatic herbs handpicked in the hotel botanical garden, like sage, carrots, chilli peppers, pennyroyal and lemongrass.

Reinvented tradition

Salvatore Gambuzza offers Villa Athena guests many special traditional dishes reinvented in a modern way. For example, the Crispy Parmigiana, that blends in such a brand new way two of the most renowned Sicilian dishes: the cannolo and the parmigiana.

A special Sicilian salted cannolo is filled with a tasty mixture of aubergine, datterini tomatoes, basil mousse and cheese. So the classic parmigiana becomes crispy and new.

The light menu

If you would like to try some healthy, gluten free, vegetarian or vegan dishes, you can choose from our special light menu, where local Sicilian products are mixed with exotic, precious and nutritious cereals, like quinoa, amaranth and millet.

Exclusive Offers

Discovering the land of myths

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